Bway Yungy Net Worth: How did NBA YoungBoy’s brother accumulate his wealthy?

Bway Yungy Net Worth
Bway Yungy Net Worth


As of 2024, NBA YoungBoy’s brother, Bway Yungy, has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million.

His YouTube channel, boasting over 161,000 subscribers and 42 uploaded videos, significantly contributes to his income.

On average, he earns approximately $125 per day, $875 per week, $3,790 per month, and $45,476 per year from advertising revenue on his channel.

In this piece, we will dive into how much Bway Yungy is worth, his net worth growth rate, his salary, the source of his income, and how he spends his money.

Bway Yungy Net Worth

As of 2024, Bway Yungy’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million, according to wiki logy.

He accumulates his wealth from his YouTube channel, where he earns:

Period Earnings
Daily $125
Weekly $875
Monthly $3,790
Yearly $45,476


Bway Yungy’s Source of Income

Here is the breakdown of Bway Yungy’s source of income:

Royalties from the Music Profession

Bway Yungy uses his real name, Jeffery Tate, and also runs his means of income through his work as a rapper and hip-hop recording artist.

The average income and wealth obtained are from a career as a musician, and the current evaluated net worth is 1 million dollars.

It was $5 million in 2021. It is expected to be 7 million in 2024. This might include royalties from song sales and gigs and quite possibly merchandise.

YouTube Revenue

It is also notable that Bway Yungy’s YouTube channel has 161k subs and this indicates that YouTube is a source of income for the artist.

The channel generates an estimated:

  • Daily Income: $125
  • Weekly Income: $875
  • Monthly Income: $3,790
  • Yearly Income: $45,476

Other Potential Sources

Further, Bway Yungy would have other financial sources apart from music and YouTube, though the sources may not be elaborated on, especially how much he earns from the sources other than music and YouTube.

These potential sources include:

  • Sponsored Content: Advertising to promote and sell products and services.
  • Brand Endorsements: Sponsors where the payment covers not only the production of the materials for the advertising.
  • Product Sales: Clothes and shoes; shops offering goods bearing trademarks or other products.

These can lead to a total increase in his income, which contributes to his net worth.

Facts About Bway Yungy

Fact Details
Real Name Jeffery Tate
Stage Name Bway Yungy
Profession Rapper, Hip-hop recording artist
YouTube Subscribers Over 161,000
Estimated Daily YouTube Income $125
Estimated Weekly YouTube Income $875
Estimated Monthly YouTube Income $3,790
Estimated Yearly YouTube Income $45,476
Estimated Net Worth (2021) $1.5 million
Primary Income Sources Music releases, performances, merchandise sales
Other Potential Income Sources Sponsored content, brand endorsements, product sales