Cody Fern Gay: Representation Beyond Labels luidity

Cody Fern gay, celebrated for his portrayal of Michael Langdon in American Horror Story, is a multifaceted talent, excelling as an actor, director, and screenplay writer.

He embarked on his acting journey with short films like “Still Take You Home,” gradually gaining recognition. However, it was his role as Jim Mason in “The Tribes of Palos Verdes” in 2017 that marked his breakthrough moment.

In 2014, Fern clinched the prestigious Heath Ledger Scholarship Award, utilizing the prize to relocate to Los Angeles in pursuit of acting opportunities.

Since then, he has firmly established himself as one of Hollywood’s most promising young actors.

Who is Cody Fern?

Cody Fern’s versatility spans across acting, directing, and screenwriting.

His notable roles include David Madson in American Crime Story and Michael Langdon as well as Xavier Plympton in American Horror Story, solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry.

How old is Cody Fern?

As of 2023, Cody Fern is 35 years old, having been born on July 6, 1988. His astrological sign is Cancer.

How tall is Cody Fern?

Cody Fern stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (179 cm) and weighs approximately 172 pounds (78 kg).

He possesses captivating blue eyes and dark brown hair.

Where is Cody Fern from?

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Originally hailing from Australia, Cody Fern’s nationality is Australian.

He was born and raised in Southern Cross, Western Australia, a small town boasting approximately 700 residents. While Fern maintains a level of privacy regarding his family, he mentions that they are thriving in their hometown.

During his formative years, Fern aspired to pursue a career as both an actor and a model.

However, he felt constrained by the idea of leaving his close-knit community, which initially deterred him from pursuing his dreams.

When he got the chance, he relocated to Los Angeles, California, United States of America, to pursue his childhood dream.

Is Cody Fern Catholic?

In “Father Stu,” the actor adeptly portrayed a Catholic priest, leading some to speculate about his religious affiliation. However, in reality, he is not Catholic.

Having a Christian upbringing, he delved into religious texts like the Bible, particularly focusing on the Old Testament.

Despite this background, he has openly stated that he does not identify as religious in his adult life.

Educational background

Before embarking on his career in acting and screenwriting, the artist attended Merredin Senior High School. Subsequently, he pursued higher education at Curtin University of Technology, where he earned an Honours degree in Commerce.

Is Cody Fern gay?

Indeed, the actor is openly gay and has been romantically involved with a man.

Despite this, he chooses to maintain privacy regarding his sexuality in media discussions.

Who does Cody Fern look similar to?

Cody Fern bears a striking resemblance to Andrew McCarthy, a renowned figure in the entertainment industry. McCarthy is celebrated for his roles as an actor, travel writer, and television director, particularly gaining fame as a member of the Brat Pack.

Some of his notable appearances include “Less than Zero,” “St. Elmo’s Fire,” “Weekend at Bernie’s,” and “Pretty in Pink” during the 1980s.

What is Cody Fern famous for?

Renowned for his performances in “American Crime Story,” “American Horror Story,” and “House of Cards,” this actor, director, and screenwriter didn’t achieve instant Hollywood stardom.

Following his education in Australia, he found employment in the finance sector, though he found it unfulfilling.

At the age of 22, he made a pivotal decision to leave finance behind and pursue acting. His breakthrough came with the lead role of Albert in the National Theatre of Great Britain’s production of “War Horse.”

Entering the theater scene, he was determined to carve his path in acting. His dedication paid off when he received the prestigious Heath Ledger Scholarship in 2014, designed to support emerging Australian talent.

Utilizing the scholarship’s prize money, he relocated to Los Angeles, California, aiming to secure acting opportunities and refine his craft. He landed minor roles in a series of short films, laying the groundwork for his burgeoning career.

Who is Cody Fern’s husband?

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The actor remains unmarried, though rumors suggest he is romantically involved with Eric Smith.

Is Cody Fern Catholic?

In his role in “Father Stu,” the actor convincingly portrayed a Catholic priest, leading some to assume he shares the same faith in real life. However, this is not the case. While he has a Christian background and has delved into religious texts like the Bible, particularly focusing on the Old Testament, he has openly stated that he does not identify as religious in adulthood.


Cody Fern’s journey from his humble beginnings in Australia to becoming a celebrated figure in Hollywood exemplifies determination, talent, and resilience. His versatility as an actor, director, and screenwriter has captivated audiences worldwide, earning him accolades and recognition. Despite facing challenges along the way, Fern’s commitment to his craft and unwavering passion for storytelling have propelled him to success. As he continues to evolve in his career, audiences can eagerly anticipate the captivating performances and creative endeavors that lie ahead of this remarkable talent.