Damian Romeo Age: A Closer Canadian ActorTimeline

Damian Romeo age gained fame for his role as Matt Press in Ginny & Georgia. Beyond his acting career, the Canadian star has garnered attention for sharing his modeling shots on Instagram, captivating countless netizens.

Curious if Damian Romeo has military experience.

Indeed, he previously served as an infantry soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces, actively contributing to relief efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delve into his biography for further insight

Damian Romeo’s biography

Damian Romeo hails from Canada, growing up alongside his two brothers, Julian and Maximus Romeo.

Kelly Harrison, his mother, plays a significant role in his life.

The actor maintains strong bonds with his family, often treating his followers to glimpses of their moments through social media posts.

When is Damian Romeo’s birthday?

Born on June 9, 1994, the Canadian model marks his birthday annually on the same date. With a zodiac sign of Gemini, he embodies the characteristic traits associated with this astrological sign.

What is Damian Romeo’s height?

He stands at 6 feet and 4 inches (193 cm) tall and weighs approximately 150 pounds (68 kg). His hair is black, while his eyes are dark brown.

How old is Damian Romeo?

Damian Romeo is 27 years old.

What is Damian Romeo’s height?

He stands at 6 feet and 4 inches (193 cm) tall and weighs approximately 150 pounds (68 kg). His hair is black, while his eyes are dark brown.

As a Canadian citizen, Damian Romeo calls Toronto, Ontario, Canada his home.

Does Damian Romeo have a girlfriend?

An lmage of damian romeo

It appears that Damian Romeo is currently single. He has chosen to keep his dating history private and has not indicated any plans regarding his romantic life shortly.

What is Damian Romeo’s profession?

Damian Romeo embarked on his acting journey in 2014 at the age of 20 with his debut role in the short film “Magic,” portraying the character of Jason’s friend. Since then, he has accumulated credits in various movies and TV series.

Social media presence

Damian Romeo maintains an active presence on social media platforms. With over 500 followers on Twitter and more than 60 thousand followers on Instagram, he frequently shares glimpses of his acting career and lifestyle. From his posts, it’s apparent that Damian is an adventurous individual who enjoys traveling. While he’s primarily recognized for his role in the TV series Ginny & Georgia, Damian’s pursuits also extend to modeling.

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How much is Damian Romeo worth?

The exact net worth of the versatile Canadian actor remains undisclosed. However, according to Popular Networth, he is speculated to possess an estimated net worth of $100 thousand. His main source of income stems from his flourishing acting career.


Damian Romeo, the Canadian actor known for his role in Ginny & Georgia, has established himself as a multifaceted individual with talents extending beyond acting. With a strong presence on social media, he shares glimpses of his adventurous lifestyle and modeling endeavors. While details about his personal life, including his dating history, remain private, his dedication to his craft and his growing popularity among fans are undeniable. Additionally, the speculation surrounding his net worth underscores his success in the entertainment industry.