David Dobrik Net Worth: The Journey to Millions as a YouTube Star

David Dobrik stands as one of the most eminent and prosperous YouTube personalities worldwide.

His main channel boasts over 19 million subscribers, dedicated to showcasing comedy vlogs featuring his close-knit group known as the Vlog Squad.

Complementing this, he maintains two additional channels, David Dobrik Too and Views, where he shares bloopers, challenges, podcasts, and sponsored content.

Beyond YouTube, Dobrik co-founded Dispo, a photo-sharing application designed to emulate disposable camera aesthetics.

Now, let’s delve into the financial aspect of David Dobrik’s online empire.

What exactly constitutes his income sources?

David Dobrik
David Dobrik


In this article, we will dissect David Dobrik’s net worth, his revenue streams from YouTube and other platforms, and more.

David Dobrik YouTube Earnings

David Dobrik thrives on YouTube, showcasing his talent and creativity.

Starting in 2015, he gained fame, partly due to his success on Vine.

His short, humorous vlogs quickly propelled him to stardom, aided by collaborations with fellow YouTubers and celebrities.

As of September 2023, Dobrik’s main channel boasts 7 billion views.

Estimated earnings, factoring in YouTube’s share and other variables, range from $10 to $15 million.

Dobrik manages a second channel, David Dobrik Too, with 8 million subscribers and potential earnings of $2 to $3 million.

He also hosts the podcast Views, with over 1.6 million subscribers and earnings from $100 to $200 thousand.

In total, Dobrik’s YouTube earnings could reach $12 to $18 million.

David Dobrik Brand Deals and Sponsorships

David Dobrik partners with major brands like EA Sports, DoorDash, HBO Max, SeatGeek, Bumble, and Chipotle.

He seamlessly incorporates them into his content, be it vlogs or dedicated videos.

Quantifying exact earnings is complex due to various factors.

Brand size, contract terms, campaign scope, exclusivity clauses, and negotiation skills all play a role.

Yet, sources suggest Dobrik may earn up to $200k per sponsored video, potentially accumulating millions from brand deals over time.

David Dobrik assets and Investments

David Dobrik is not only a YouTube star but also a savvy entrepreneur and investor.

He has backed startups like Current, a mobile banking app; Unboxed, a product review social network; Calm, a meditation app; HoneyBook.

Additionally, Dobrik co-founded Dispo, a photo-sharing app with a disposable camera feel.

It allows users to capture unalterable images, revealed the next day, evoking nostalgia and anticipation.

Since its 2019 launch, Dispo gained popularity with Gen Z users and celebrities.

In March 2023, the app’s value hit $200 million after a successful $20 million Series A funding round led by Spark Capital.

With a significant stake, Dobrik’s holdings may be worth tens of millions.

David Dobrik Controversies and Scandals

David Dobrik faced a major scandal in March 2023 when a woman accused his former associate, Dom Zeglaitis, of sexual assault during a 2018 vlog shoot.

The accuser, underage at the time, claimed she was provided alcohol, impeding her ability to give consent.

The controversial vlog, showing the woman in Zeglaitis’ bedroom, was uploaded on Dobrik’s channel before being deleted.

Initially, Dobrik denied wrongdoing, insisting on seeking consent for his videos.

Later, he issued two apologies, admitting mishandling the subject and vowing to never post such content again.

He cut ties with Zeglaitis and others engaged in inappropriate behavior.

The scandal severely damaged Dobrik’s reputation and ventures.

Brands and investors distanced, including Spark Capital, which left Dispo’s board.

YouTube demonetized his channels, halting ad revenue.

Dobrik also stepped down from Dispo’s board to avoid distracting from the company’s growth.


David Dobrik, YouTube influencer, amasses wealth through vlogs, collaborations, investments, and Dispo app.

Recent allegations and controversies impact career.

Estimated net worth: $20M in Sept. 2023. Future uncertain.