Eddie Murphy: Early Life, Age, Career, Personal life, Children, Height and Net Worth

Who is Eddie Murphy?
Who is Eddie Murphy?

Eddie Murphy is an acclaimed comedy trailblazer. For over four decades, his sharp humor and endearing performances have brought joy to audiences worldwide.

Though perhaps best known for igniting laughter on the big screen, his talents extend across genres, including stand-up comedy, music, production, and directing.

With prestigious accolades commemorating his impact on the entertainment industry, Murphy’s perseverance and versatility cement his legacy as a pioneer in the art of comedy.

Who is Eddie Murphy?

Eddie Murphy grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where comedy became his passion at a young age.

Inspired by those like Richard Pryor, he left school early to focus fully on honing his comedic talents and voice.

Though faced with adversity, he remained determined in his journey to eventually share his gift of laughter with the world.

How old is Eddie Murphy?

Murphy is currently 62 years old. He will turn 63 on April 3, 2024.

Eddie Murphy Career

Murphy’s career can be divided into four phases: his rise to fame, his peak of popularity, his decline and comeback, and his legacy and influence.

  1. Eddie Murphy’s Rise to Fame: Eddie Murphy ascended to stardom in 1980 with Saturday Night Live, creating iconic characters. His film debut is in 48 hours. marked the beginning of a successful movie career.
  2. Peak of Popularity: In the mid-1980s, Murphy’s fame peaked with the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, solidifying his status as a global superstar. Successful comedies like Coming to America and Harlem Nights followed.
  3. Decline and Comeback: Facing challenges in the 1990s, Murphy experienced setbacks both professionally and personally. Despite flops, his comeback included hits like The Nutty Professor and Dreamgirls, showcasing his versatility.
  4. Legacy and Influence: Eddie Murphy’s legacy is marked by numerous accolades, including induction into the NAACP Image Awards Hall of Fame. He has influenced a generation of comedians and actors, earning him recognition as a comedy legend and cultural icon.

Eddie Murphy’s Personal Life

Murphy has been in relationships with five women over the years and is a loving father of ten children.

Though not without personal ups and downs, he now remains focused on co-parenting duties, family, and career.

List of Eddie Murphy Children

Eddie Murphy has 10 children, from five different women.

Here is the list of his children, in order of their birth:

  1. Eric Murphy, July 10, 1989 (Paulette McNeely)
  2. Bria Murphy, November 18, 1989 (Nicole Mitchell)
  3. Christian Murphy, November 29, 1990 (Tamara Hood)
  4. Myles Murphy, November 7, 1992 (Nicole Mitchell)
  5. Shayne Murphy, October 10, 1994 (Nicole Mitchell)
  6. Zola Murphy, December 24, 1999 (Nicole Mitchell)
  7. Bella Murphy, January 29, 2002 (Nicole Mitchell)
  8. Angel Murphy Brown, April 3, 2007 (Melanie Brown)
  9. Izzy Oona Murphy, May 3, 2016 (Paige Butcher)
  10. Max Charles Murphy, November 30, 2018 (Paige Butcher)

Eddie Murphy Height

Murphy stands at a height of 175 cm, or 5 feet 9 inches.

Eddie Murphy’s Net Worth

Murphy has built an esteemed comedy career spanning over 40 years.

His talent and versatility as an entertainer have led to great financial success, with a current net worth estimated at around $200 million.

While certainly well-off, his greater focus lies in bringing laughter and joy to his audiences.


Eddie Murphy is a wildly popular and talented comedian who has made audiences laugh for decades.

Though financially successful in his career, his impact extends beyond his wealth, as he has used his platform and resources to give back to others in need.