Fivel Stewart Height and Weight :Insights Getting to Know

Fivel Stewart height and weight, an American actress, gained prominence for her portrayal of Izzie in the TV comedy-drama series “Atypical,” thrusting her into the limelight. Additionally, she garnered attention for her role as Ella in the popular horror film “Hansel & Gretel:

Warriors of Witchcraft.”

Beyond her acting prowess, Stewart boasts a familial connection to the entertainment world, with her father being a notable figure in the industry.

Notably, she holds the title of World Champion in Martial Arts, having begun competing at the tender age of six. Her multifaceted talents extend beyond acting, as she is also recognized as a songstress, showcasing her diverse skills and interests.

Fivel Stewart, born on November 4, 1996, to parents Renee and Nils Allen Stewart, is currently 24 years old as of 2021 and holds American nationality.

Stewart comes from a lineage of actors.

Her father, Nils Allen Stewart, renowned for his roles in films like “The Mask,” “Space Cowboys,” and “The Scorpion King,” is also a skilled stuntman.

Her mother, Renee Stewart, has dabbled in acting, appearing in movies such as the 1995 hit “Raw Target,” “Warrior of Justice,” and “Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels.”

Growing up in a family of four, Stewart shares her childhood with siblings Booboo, Maegan, and Sage Stewart.

What are her measurements?

Fivel Stewart boasts a svelte physique, measuring 34-28-36 inches, with a weight of 59 kilograms.

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches (165 centimeters) tall, her presence is both striking and commanding.

Fivel Stewart ethnicity

An lmage of fivel stewart
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The star’s lineage encompasses a rich tapestry of ancestry and ethnicity.

Her father, Caucasian, traces his roots to Russian and Blackfoot Native American heritage, alongside a diverse mix of English, Scottish, Italian-Argentinian, and French-Canadian descent.


In 2004, she made her debut appearance in the horror TV show “Dante’s Cove,” portraying the character Betty.

In her next venture, “Pit Fighter,” Stewart shared the screen with her father, who served as the stunt coordinator for the film.

Portraying the character Lucinda, she contributed to the narrative following Jack Severino’s (Dominique Vandenberg) journey after losing his memory, leaving him entrenched in the brutal world of Pit Fighting.

Stewart further showcased her acting chops in “Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft,” where she portrayed Ella alongside her brother Booboo.

However, it was Stewart’s role as Izzie in the TV series “Atypical” that truly catapulted her into the spotlight.


Fivel Stewart’s journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by versatility and talent.

From her early beginnings in “Dante’s Cove” to her notable roles in “Pit Fighter” and “Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft,” Stewart has consistently delivered captivating performances.

However, it is her portrayal of Izzie in “Atypical” that has solidified her presence in the limelight, showcasing her ability to bring depth and complexity to her characters.

With a promising career ahead of her, Stewart continues to captivate audiences with her remarkable skills and is undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the world of entertainment.