Harry Raftus Biography: The Rise of a Social Media Star and CEO

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Harry Raftus is a name that you might have heard of if you are active on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

He is one of the most popular and influential personalities on the internet, with millions of followers and fans.

But who is Harry Raftus, and how did he achieve such fame and success?

In this article, we will explore his biography, age, career, personal life, height, weight, and net worth.


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Birth Day December 13, 2000
Birth Place Toronto, Canada
Birth Sign Sagittarius

Who is Harry Raftus?

Harry Raftus, born on December 13, 2000, in Toronto, Canada, comes from a warm and supportive family. Growing up, he developed a passion for sports and entertainment at an early age.

During his school years, Harry actively participated in basketball and rugby.

Additionally, he found joy in creating videos and capturing moments through photography.

Currently, Harry Raftus is a student at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, where he is pursuing a BA degree in Public Relations and Advertising.

Alongside his studies, he is a proud member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Furthermore, he has obtained certifications in inbound marketing and content marketing.

Harry has also gained professional experience as an office administrator at Canaccord Genuity Group, Inc.

How old is Harry Raftus?

Raftus is 24 years old as of 2024.

Harry Raftus Career

Raftus rose to social media fame in 2017 on Instagram, captivating followers with his modeling photos and entertaining lifestyle content.

He later gained even more popularity on TikTok, posting viral videos that showcased his college life and fraternity adventures.

With over 1.3 million followers and nearly 52 million likes, Harry became a prominent figure on the platform.

Alongside his social media success, Harry is also an entrepreneur, having founded Face Off, a card game company, in 2020.

He actively promotes the game on social media and plans to expand his business in the future.

Additionally, Harry maintains a YouTube channel featuring sports and adventure-themed vlogs and has made appearances on other channels.

Harry Raftus’s Personal Life

Harry Raftus, who is currently single, prioritizes his studies and career.

While he previously dated Gabi Alexander, a fellow TikTok star, their relationship ended in 2020.

Harry prefers to keep his personal life private and has not disclosed any details about his current or past romantic involvements.

Harry Raftus Height and Weight

Raftus is a tall and handsome man who stands at 6 feet 1 inch (184 cm) and weighs 171 lbs (75 kg).

Harry Raftus’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Harry Raftus has an estimated net worth ranging between $75 million.

He generates income through his social media platforms, his card game company, and other entrepreneurial endeavors.

Additionally, Harry receives sponsorships and endorsements from various brands and companies.


Raftus has achieved significant success and fame at a young age.

He is a talented and versatile social media personality who entertains and inspires millions with his content.

Additionally, he is an innovative entrepreneur who has created his own card game brand and company.

Many look up to him as a role model and admire his personality, skills, and accomplishments. Harry Raftus has a promising future and is someone to watch out for.