How tall is Brandon Farris: The Measure of Social Media Comedy

How tall is Brandon Farris, an American social media luminary, celebrated for his comedic sketches, culinary exploits, adventurous taste tests, playful challenges, and clever parodies? Entering the entertainment realm in 2011, he swiftly amassed a significant fan base.

Farris stands out as one of the select few internet personalities who grasp the pulse of their audience’s entertainment preferences. Leveraging this insight, he has maintained a prominent position in the dynamic landscape of global content creation. Alongside relevance, Brandon prioritizes maintaining a steady stream of content.

Who is Brandon Farris?

Brandon, a renowned comedy vlogger in the realm of social media, harbored childhood dreams of relocating to Los Angeles, California, where he could pursue his passions for comedy and acting.

How tall is Brandon Farris?

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Brandon Farris stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180cm). With brown eyes and hair, he weighs approximately 65 kg (143 lbs) and wears a US shoe size 6.

What country is Brandon Farris from?

Brandon was born and raised in Arkansas, USA.

How old is Brandon Farris?

Brandon Farris is 31 years old, born on June 5, 1991, making him a Gemini. Fans often express their birthday wishes for Brandon Farris in the comment sections of his social media pages.

Brandon Farris’ family

Brandon Farris’s parents are Larry and Dena Farris. Sadly, his grandfather passed away in 2017. He also has a sister named Morgan Arreola, who frequently makes appearances in his videos.

Is Brandon Farris gay?

He is straight and dated several ladies before his current relationship.

Is Kelly Brandon Farris’ wife?

Keely and Brandon are not a couple.

Who is Kelly Brandon Farris?


Brandon Farris received a mysterious package containing a portrait of a bride from an anonymous sender.

Reacting with his characteristic humor, Farris jokingly suggested in a video that the bride might be named Kelly. This playful remark sparked the #findkelly incident, which swiftly gained traction and went viral on Twitter.

Is Brandon Farris married?

Brandon remains unmarried to date, despite his long-term relationship with his girlfriend. Although he has never walked down the aisle, he has assumed the role of a father figure to her daughter, Autumn.

Is Autumn Brandon Farris’ daughter?

Autumn is Brandon Farris’ stepdaughter, as her parents are separated. Brandon has been a significant presence in her life since birth. Autumn lives with her mother and Brandon, and she frequently appears in his videos, showcasing the close bond they share.

Who is Brandon Farris’ girlfriend?

Brandon Farris has been in a relationship with social media star Maria Gloria since 2014. Their relationship began under unique circumstances, as they first met when Maria was married and pregnant.

Brandon and Maria Gloria’s love story

Farris and Maria Gloria candidly shared their love story on YouTube. Maria, at the young age of 18, married someone who soon after enlisted in the army and was stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska. Despite being pregnant, Maria was determined to find work, and her husband supported her by driving her around to look for job opportunities.

Their search led them to the Country Café, where Maria, five months pregnant, was immediately hired by the owner despite her lack of experience in the field, based on her background in customer service. It was at this café that Maria first met Brandon, who was already familiar to the owner and had worked there previously. Brandon had recently ended a relationship when he crossed paths with the new waitress.

Quickly, Farris, Maria, and her husband formed a close friendship. After the birth of her daughter Autumn, Maria started a YouTube channel focused on makeup tutorials. About a year and a half later, Brandon relocated to Arkansas, while Maria and her spouse moved to Maryland.

When it became clear that Maria preferred not to enroll Autumn in daycare, her husband proposed hiring Brandon as their child’s caregiver. Given his affinity for Autumn and the flexibility of the job, Brandon accepted, balancing this responsibility with his other work, which allowed him to work from home.

Are Maria and Brandon still together?

Yes, the two are still dating.

Where does Brandon Farris live?

He lives in Roseville, California, not in Sacramento, as most fans have assumed for years.


Before rising to stardom, Farris dabbled in various jobs, including working in a café and selling Pokémon cards on eBay, which proved to be a lucrative online venture for him.

Investing considerable time into building his social media presence, Farris’s content resonates with the majority of his followers. His Facebook videos are conveniently categorized into the following segments for easy access:

What is Brandon Farris worth?

Brandon Farris has amassed an impressive net worth exceeding $3.5 million, solidifying his position as one of the highest-paid internet stars globally.


Brandon Farris has carved out a remarkable career as an internet sensation, captivating audiences with his comedic talent and engaging content. From his humble beginnings working odd jobs to his meteoric rise to fame, Farris’s journey reflects his dedication, creativity, and ability to connect with viewers on a personal level. With a thriving social media presence, a close-knit family, and a net worth surpassing $3.5 million, Farris continues to shine as one of the world’s most influential and highest-paid internet stars.