How Tall Is Faze Rug:Reaching Exploring the Vertical Realm

How tall is Faze Rug, a renowned American vlogger, prankster, and internet sensation, captivates audiences with his engaging YouTube content across channels like “Faze Clan” and “Faze Rug.” He skyrocketed to fame with his groundbreaking prank video, “[] Prank,” amassing over 17 million views to date.

As a gifted young American, Faze Rug epitomizes the digital era’s potential. Whether adored or critiqued, he’s amassed a global following through sheer creativity, dedication, and a love for social media vlogging. Join us as we delve into the world of this YouTube luminary and uncover fascinating insights about his journey.

How old is Faze Rug?

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The prankster was born on November 19, 1996, which means that by November 2019, Brian should be celebrating his 23rd birthday. At the moment, Faze Rug is 22 years old, solidifying his status as one of the youngest YouTubers to amass a significant following across his various social media channels.

How tall is Faze Rug?

Faze Rug height is 5 feet 6 inches. His hair colour is black and his eye color black. Brian loves to rock funky hip-hop looks that include great labels like Nike for shoes. He also rocks a cape facing the back side on different videos. Black is one of his most dominant colours of choice.

Faze Rug is an American internet celebrity. He has greatly earned his fame through his YouTube prank videos and vlogs. He made his most celebrated debut through one of his prank that is based on illegal liquid reaching millions of views. His creativity has dramatically boosted his net worth as he acts as a social media role model to youths in the technological age.

Faze Rug’s real name

Well, who exactly is Faze Rug? He’s not just an internet sensation but also the driving force behind Faze Clan and Faze Rug. But before we delve into the depths of his fame, let’s explore a bit of his backstory. Faze Rug, born Brian Awadis, hails from San Diego, California, USA, where he was brought up by his parents alongside his elder siblings.

Indeed, Brian’s parents hail from Iraq, having immigrated to the United States before securing citizenship.

In his YouTube prank videos featuring his parents, he affectionately refers to them as “Papa Rug” and “Mama Rug.” Brian’s elder brother, Brandon, holds the title of the eldest son in the family, while Brian himself, known as Faze Rug, occupies the position of the youngest and second-born sibling.

Early education

Like many typical individuals, both Brian and his elder brother Brandon received their education in San Diego, although specifics about their schools remain undisclosed as the internet celebrity has kept that information private.

During his school years, Brian, like many students in today’s digital age, developed a passion for video games. This became his primary pastime after he failed to secure a spot on his high school basketball team.

Since then, he has been an avid player of “Call of Duty,” a hobby that traces back to his high school days.

Seeking to fill his time during high school, Brian, known for his mischievous streak, delved into the world of pranks. Encouraged by his friends and realizing his knack for pulling off successful pranks, Brian began sharing his ideas and antics with classmates.

His pranks quickly gained popularity among his peers, prompting him to invest in recording his exploits to preserve them. Upon entering college, Brian launched his own YouTube channel, showcasing his favorite recorded pranks to a growing audience. As a freshman, he noticed his videos garnering significant views from viewers worldwide.

With his videos starting to generate income, Brian saw the potential to turn his passion into a career, leading to increased viewership and revenue.

Despite the potential dismay of most parents, Brian made the bold decision to drop out of college and pursue full-time video production, officially becoming a YouTube vlogger.

Greatest breakthrough

Faze Rug couldn’t have predicted the immense success one of his older YouTube prank videos would bring him.

On January 9, 2015, Brian uploaded his groundbreaking prank titled “[] PRANK.”

Little did he know that this six-minute, three-second video would amass a staggering total of 17,405,140 views by 2019! That’s the epitome of success.

With this viral hit, Rug swiftly established his dominance on the internet, consistently sharing various prank projects to captivate his audience

Faze Rug girlfriend

While Brian hasn’t been vocal about his relationship status, he’s often seen in the company of the beautiful American model, Molly Eksham.

Despite sharing cozy photos, they haven’t confirmed whether they’re officially dating.

The duo frequently spends time together at Faze Rug’s house in Poway, California, and has been featured in numerous vlogs and prank videos.

Fans have been speculating and eagerly awaiting confirmation about Molly’s status as Faze Rug’s girlfriend. Hopefully, Brian will address these rumors soon.

When he’s not busy making videos, Brian enjoys spending time with his family, particularly his older brother Brandon, who is also a vlogger. He’s also close with Brandon’s girlfriend, Jackie Figueroa.

Faze Rug’s net worth

At just 22 years old, Faze Rug’s net worth is estimated to exceed $1 million, making him one of the youngest millionaires in the vlogging world.

His main source of income stems from his vast viewership, subscribers, and likes across his YouTube channels. A quick visit to his YouTube page, “Faze Rug,” showcases the immense popularity he enjoys, boasting millions of fans.


Faze Rug has carved out a remarkable path in the world of internet celebrity and vlogging.

From his humble beginnings as a prankster to becoming one of the youngest millionaires in the industry at just 22 years old, his journey is a testament to his creativity, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit.

With millions of fans worldwide and a net worth exceeding $1 million, Faze Rug continues to captivate audiences with his entertaining content and remains a prominent figure in the ever-evolving landscape of online media