How tall is Tjass: A Quest for Accurate Height

How tall is Tjass, a basketball enthusiast, gained widespread recognition by sharing videos of his incredible layup skills on social media platforms. With millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube, he captivates audiences and has even connected with renowned basketball players like Tyler Ulis.

Known for his intricate yet thrilling basketball maneuvers, Tristan Jass leaves fans mesmerized with his performances. ESPN has showcased some of his stunts, further boosting his fame. One memorable moment was when he scored a shot against one of his high school teachers, a video that went viral and was spotlighted on ESPN’s website.

How old is Tristan Jass?

As of 2021, Tristan Jass is 21 years old, and he identifies as white ethnically, holding American nationality.

Tristan Jass’ biography

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Jass, a youthful basketball aficionado hailing from Wisconsin, USA, has carved out a significant online presence for himself.

Raised alongside his two brothers, Tyler and Brennan, he keeps the identity of his parents private, but acknowledges his father’s influence in fostering his strong work ethic and passion for basketball.

Occasionally, he showcases his father’s involvement in his videos, paying homage to the familial bond that fuels his love for the game.

How tall is Tristan Jass?

Tristan Jass stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches or approximately 180 centimeters. He weighs around 68 kilograms or 150 pounds.

The social media sensation attended George Nelson Tremper High School located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

Due to his exceptional skill level, there were high expectations for the young star to receive numerous college offers. Ultimately, Tristan Jass committed to Ottawa University (NAIA) with aspirations to play basketball there.

However, despite his commitment to the university and desire to pursue basketball at the collegiate level, Tristan Jass’ college plans took a different turn.

In 2018, he opted not to enroll in college to focus on his content creation endeavors.

Nevertheless, he remains a staunch supporter of higher education for young individuals, emphasizing its importance.

Tristan Jass has openly shared that choosing not to attend college was one of the most challenging decisions he has ever faced

What is Tristan Jass famous for?

Renowned for his basketball skills and expertise, the star has garnered fame through his YouTube channel, which he launched in February 2014. His inaugural video was uploaded on February 11th of that same year, featuring basketball tutorials and impressive trick shots.

With a current subscriber base exceeding 3 million, his channel has evolved over time to encompass a wider range of content. In addition to basketball-related videos, he now incorporates money pranks and vlogs into his repertoire, broadening the scope of his engaging content

The basketball point guard has kept details about his earnings from both his basketball career and online pursuits private.

While he hasn’t disclosed specific figures, his estimated net worth falls within the range of $500,000 to $700,000.

However, there hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding this matter.


While the exact height of TJass may remain a mystery, what’s clear is the impact he’s made with his talents. Regardless of stature, TJass’s skills on the basketball court have captivated audiences worldwide, proving that height is just one aspect of the game.

Whether he’s dunking, shooting, or inspiring others, TJass’s influence transcends measurement.