Is Antonio Garza Transgender: The Truth On YouTube Sensation

Antonio Garza is a transgender woman, so she identifies as female.

She gained popularity on YouTube for her makeup tutorials and transformation videos, and her channel has indeed amassed a significant following.

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Early life and background

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Antonio Garza was born on 15th December 2002 in Austin, Texas.

She grew up alongside her elder brother.

Yes, that’s correct! Antonio Garza was born on December 15, 2002, so as of September 2020, she would indeed have been 17 years old. She started gaining popularity on YouTube at a relatively young age and has since become a well-known figure in the beauty and makeup community.

What is Antonio Garza ethnicity?

She is of mixed ethnicity – White and Mexican.

What is Antonio Garza zodiac?

Antonio Garza’s birthday falls within the astrological sign of Sagittarius, as she was born on December 15th. Sagittarius individuals are often associated with traits such as independence, optimism, and a love for adventure, which may resonate with aspects of her personality.


Antonio Garza clinched a Shorty Award in the Beauty category during the 11th Annual Shorty Awards. The Shorty Awards website characterizes her with the following description

Is Antonio Garza transgender?

Common queries about the celebrity often revolve around questions like “Is Antonio Garza a boy or girl?” or “Is Antonio Garza a male YouTuber?

Is Antonio Garza rich?

Antonio Garza’s estimated net worth, according to Naibuzz, stands at a substantial $500,000, indicating significant financial success.


While Antonio Garza did leave high school to focus on her YouTube career, there’s no direct indication that it was solely due to a drop in grades or struggles with balancing school and her online commitments. However, it’s not uncommon for young YouTubers who experience rapid growth to make decisions like this to prioritize their burgeoning careers.

The decision to leave school likely involved various factors, including the demands of managing a successful YouTube channel, opportunities for growth and income, and perhaps personal preferences and goals. It’s important to note that leaving school to pursue other paths, including entrepreneurship, isn’t necessarily a negative decision, as it can lead to success and fulfillment for some individuals. Garza’s transparency in sharing her decision and reasoning through her video likely provided insight into her journey for her followers


Antonio Garza posted her debut YouTube video titled “Valentine’s Heart Cut Crease Makeup Look.”

Two years later, after starting with videos shot in her bedroom like much of her content, Garza has amassed nearly 3.7 million YouTube subscribers. She’s also gained millions of followers across Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, emblematic of a new wave of teenage social media stars.

Growing up in an era where becoming a YouTuber is a common aspiration for teenagers, Garza exemplifies this trend.

Additionally, in 2019, she ventured into the fashion world by launching her own clothing line. However, the line faced immediate criticism for its high prices. The collection mainly features hoodies adorned with Garza’s favorite emojis and cartoon characters.


Antonio Garza has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of beauty and makeup on YouTube, captivating millions with her transformation videos and tutorials. Despite her young age, she has garnered a massive following across various social media platforms, demonstrating her influence and impact in the digital sphere. With accolades like the Shorty Award and a flourishing career that includes ventures into fashion, Garza’s journey underscores the potential for success in the realm of online content creation. Additionally, her estimated net worth of $500,000 serves as a testament to her achievements and the lucrative opportunities available in the digital landscape. As she continues to navigate her career and inspire her audience, Garza remains a shining example of the power of passion, creativity, and dedication in the age of social media stardom.