Ja Morant Wife Age: and Story Behind KK Dixon

Kaari Jaidyn Morant, an American celebrity kid, has garnered significant attention as the daughter of renowned basketball player Ja Morant.

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, her father’s standout career with the Memphis Grizzlies, where he was drafted second overall in the 2019 NBA draft, has brought her into the spotlight.

Ja Morant’s accomplishments, including winning the 2020 NBA Rookie of the Year award and earning accolades like the Lute Olson, NBA Most Improved Player, and Bob Cousy awards, have added to the family’s prestige.

Kaari’s moments with her father have often made headlines, such as when she charmed audiences by dancing with his teammates after he achieved his 6th career triple-double in 2022.

Born to Ja Morant and his ex-girlfriend, KK Dixon, Kaari continues to captivate fans with her presence alongside her father’s remarkable journey in the world of basketball.

Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s biography

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Born on August 7, 2019, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America, Kaari Jaidyn carries a name of Nordic descent, meaning “rare excellence, precious stone.

She is the daughter of the renowned American basketball player, Ja Morant, and the granddaughter of Tee Morant, a former basketball player turned entrepreneur.

Kaari Jaidyn’s arrival came two months earlier than expected, leading to an extended stay in the hospital alongside her mother before her parents officially announced her birth on September 17, 2019.

With American nationality and African-American ethnicity, Kaari Jaidyn embodies a blend of cultural heritage within her family lineage.

How old is Ja Morant’s kid?

As of 2024, Kaari Jaidyn Morant is four years old, born on August 7th under the sign of Pisces.

Notably, on her second birthday in 2020, her father dedicated his inaugural NBA Bubble victory to her, expressing the challenge of missing her first birthday but hoping she’d appreciate the memorable gift.

Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s mom

Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s mother is KK Dixon, a prominent entrepreneur and author known for her ventures in business and literature.

Born on August 31, 1999, in Arkansas, United States of America, Dixon pursued her education at Fisk University, where she actively participated in both basketball and volleyball.

As the founder and CEO of Dixon Brands LLC, she has established herself as a leader in her field.

Dixon is also the creative mind behind “Kaari & Kree’s Ultimate Coloring & Activity Book,” a captivating publication released on January 10, 2023.

This interactive coloring book immerses children in the exciting adventures of two intrepid astronauts, Kaari and Kree, providing an engaging and educational experience for young readers.

Why is Kaari Jaidyn Morant famous?

Renowned as the daughter of basketball sensation Ja Morant, Kaari Jaidyn Morant is a familiar face during her father’s celebratory moments.

Her presence at his victories often melts hearts, such as on December 7, 2022, during the 2022/23 NBA season.

On this memorable occasion, she charmed NBA fans by joining in the jubilation, dancing alongside the Memphis Grizzlies players as her father achieved his sixth career triple-double.

Is Ja Morant married?

Though the basketball player remains unmarried, he was previously in a relationship with Kadre Dixon, better known as KK Dixon, who is also the mother of his daughter, Kaari Jaidyn.

KK Dixon is recognized as an American author and entrepreneur.

Their relationship blossomed during their college years, commencing in 2017 and becoming publicly known in 2018. However, by 2019, they had parted ways.

Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s net worth

Kaari, still in her toddler years, hasn’t ventured into ambassadorial roles or career pursuits like some celebrity children.

However, her father, Ja Morant, boasts an impressive net worth reportedly estimated at $50 million, primarily stemming from his illustrious basketball career.

Additionally, Morant secures substantial earnings through lucrative endorsement deals with renowned brands like Nike, Hulu, and Beats.


Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s journey as the daughter of basketball star Ja Morant and entrepreneur KK Dixon reflects a tale of familial love, resilience, and unity.
Despite the ups and downs of their relationship, Ja Morant and KK Dixon prioritize their daughter’s happiness and upbringing, demonstrating unwavering support and commitment to co-parenting.
As Kaari continues to grow and thrive, she embodies the enduring bond between her parents, serving as a beacon of strength and unity for their family.