Jeff Tiedrich: Master of Freelancing and Graphic Design

Jeff Tiedrich, an American political blogger, graphic designer, and musician, has garnered acclaim for his impactful presence on social media.

Renowned for his outspoken tweets and commentary, he rose to prominence through his vocal opposition to Donald Trump.

Counted among the influential figures who vehemently opposed the former US President, Tiedrich extends his activism beyond politics to advocate against societal injustices.

This biography offers a comprehensive insight into the life and work of Jeff Tiedrich, highlighting his notable contributions and convictions.

How old is Jeff Tiedrich?

As of January 2023, the political blogger is 65 years old, with his birthday celebrated annually on the 16th of March.

Jeff Tiedrich’s body measurements

He stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and weighs 183 pounds (83 kg).

Jeff Tiedrich’s biography

Jeff Tiedrich entered the world on March 16, 1957, in Rockaway, New Jersey, USA. His parents, Warren Lloyd Tiedrich and Joan Diamond, raised him alongside his sister, Ellen Wayne Tiedrich, in Rockaway. Tiedrich’s upbringing was steeped in Judaism, with his family regularly attending Temple Beth Am of Parsippany, a Jewish synagogue.

Was Jeff Tiedrich in military service?

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Jeff has no military background. His mother was a homemaker, while his late father, Warren Lloyd Tiedrich, served as a US Army officer. Warren Lloyd Tiedrich’s military service spanned from 1951 to 1953, during the Korean War.


In terms of his education, Jeff attended Morris Hills Secondary School, where he completed his high school studies in 1975. Following this, he pursued higher education at the Parsons School of Design, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1978.

Is Jeff Tiedrich married?

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Jeff Tiedrich’s spouse, Claudia Long, is a multifaceted professional, serving as a copywriter, strategist, and creative director. She holds the distinction of being eight years Jeff’s senior. The couple shares a daughter named Katherine Chandler.

Jeff Tiedrich’s children

In 2016, Jeff Tiedrich’s daughter, Katherine, tied the knot with Norrin Hester. Katherine, an aerospace engineering graduate, also holds the distinction of being the founder of the Awkward Zombie webcomic video game. Currently, Katherine and her husband reside in Madison, Wisconsin.

Is Jeff Tiedrich and Eric Clapton one person?

Some fans speculated that Jeff Tiedrich’s Twitter profile picture was actually a photo of Eric Clapton, the renowned English rock and blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter. This sparked a significant reaction on social media, as it was perceived by some that Clapton had taken a controversial political stance through Tiedrich’s account

Who is Jeff Tiedrich on Wikipedia? does not have information about American political blogger Jeff Tiedrich as of this writing.

Career in music

Jeff embarked on his musical journey in 1973, initially joining the band Alligator. Becoming part of Alligator proved to be a significant opportunity for the musician, as he assumed the roles of lead guitarist and vocalist among the band’s six members.

Together, Jeff and his bandmates graced stages in various clubs and public venues, captivating audiences with their performances. One notable musical piece from their repertoire is “One More Saturday Night.

What is Jeff Tiedrich’s net worth?

Jeff Tiedrich’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. His income streams primarily stem from various sources, including his influential presence on Twitter, music production, freelancing, and graphic design work. These endeavors collectively generate an annual income of approximately $500,000 for him.


With an annual income of around $500,000, Tiedrich’s multifaceted talents and entrepreneurial spirit continue to fuel his success across various endeavors, solidifying his position as a respected influencer and professional in his respective fields