Lizzy Greene: Unveiling Her Net Worth and Success Journey

Elizabeth Anne Greene, affectionately recognized as Lizzy GreeneĀ  net worth stands as a rising star in the realm of acting, captivating audiences worldwide with her remarkable talent.

Her portrayal of Dawn Harper in the Nickelodeon sitcom “Nicky, Ricky, D*cky & Dawn” from 2014 to 2018 solidified her as a household name.

Beyond this iconic role, Greene has delved into a diverse array of characters, earning both critical acclaim and widespread adoration.

Lizzy Greene’s height and measurements

What’s Lizzy Greene’s height? She stands at 5 feet 4Ā½ inches tall (1.64 meters/ 164 centimeters).

She boasts a slender physique, tipping the scales at around 41 kilograms (90 pounds).

With locks of blonde cascading down and captivating blue eyes, Lizzy Greene exudes stunning charm in the array of hot pictures circulating across various online platforms, including her social media profiles.

Her figure measures 30-23-32 inches (76-58.5-81 centimeters) for her bust, waist, and hips, respectively.

Sporting a shoe size of 6 (US) or 3.5 (UK) or 36.5 (EU) and donning a dress size of 0 (US) 4 (UK) or 32 (EU), Lizzy maintains her fitness regimen through regular exercise, often indulging in gymnastics.

The Early Life of Lizzy Greene

An lmage of lizzy greene

Where hails Lizzy Greene? She calls Dallas, Texas, the United States of America her home turf.

Born on May 1, 2003, Lizzy Greene currently embraces 17 trips around the sun. Her nationality proudly waves American, while her Zodiac sign aligns with Taurus.

Amy, her mother, once danced in the realm of gymnastics.

She shares her journey with Lizzy and her elder brother, Garrett.

From her early years, Lizzy harbored a fervent desire to tread the boards of acting. Supported by her parents, who immersed her in acting workshops, school productions, and various events, she honed her craft.

Close-knit with her family, Lizzy resides with her parents in Dallas.

Despite her roots, she frequently voyages to Los Angeles for her endeavors.

Lizzy Greene boyfriend

In 2018, rumors circulated about her being romantically linked with fellow actor Ricardo Hurtado.

However, neither of the two affirmed or denied these speculations.

Is Lizzy Greene a parent? No, she isn’t.

Social media

The youthful actress boasts an Instagram following of at least 3 million fans.

Additionally, her Twitter account garners over 114.2k followers


Discovered in 2013 during a talent workshop in her hometown of Dallas, the young actress was drawn to the performing arts from an early age.

Her journey in theater began at the age of seven when she delved into comedic projects.

After years of honing her craft in theater and touring with an improv troupe, she landed a pivotal role in Nickelodeon’s comedy series “Nicky, Ricky, D*cky & Dawn,” which enjoyed a successful four-season run

Lizzy Greene’s net worth

The actress boasts an estimated net worth of $1 million.


Lizzy Greene has not only captured the hearts of millions with her talent and charisma but has also established herself as a promising young actress in the entertainment industry.
From her humble beginnings in Dallas to her notable roles on screen, she continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.
With her impressive net worth and growing popularity on social media, Lizzy Greene’s future in the spotlight appears bright, promising even more success and achievements on the horizon.