Mary-Louise Parker Net Worth: How Much Is The Award-Winning Actress Worth?

Mary-Louise Parker Net Worth
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Mary-Louise Parker is a gifted and versatile actress who has found success on screen, stage, and television.

She has portrayed a variety of characters, winning numerous accolades and commendations from critics and award organizations.

As Parker continues to work steadily, some may wonder about the source and extent of her earnings over the years.

Looking at her acting credits so far provides insight into the level of success she has achieved in the entertainment industry.

Her varied accomplishments speak to both her talents and her drive to take on challenging material across different media.

Is Mary-Louise Parker rich?

Over her decades-long acting career in movies, television, and theater, Mary-Louise Parker has delivered memorable performances demonstrating her artistic range.

Her accomplishments have earned her honors, including:

  1. a Tony
  2. a Golden Globe
  3. an Emmy.

Though she started over thirty years ago, Parker continues to take on compelling roles.

Estimates put her current net worth at around $16 million, a reflection of her steady presence and critical reception in the entertainment industry.

Her willingness to explore complex characters across mediums has allowed her to find success on screens big and small as well as on the stage.

Parker’s dedication to her craft continues to drive her career forward.


List of Mary-Louise Parker’s Sources of Income and Earnings

Mary-Louise Parker’s primary income comes from her successful acting career, particularly in TV shows. Notable roles include:

  1. Parker made $150,000 per episode in the last season of Weeds (2005–2012).
  2. She was paid $100,000 per episode for her role as Amy Gardner on The West Wing (2001–2006).
  3. Angels in America: Parker won awards for her role, earning $75,000 per episode in the miniseries.

She has also earned money from films, including:

  1. Red: The action-comedy grossed $199 million worldwide.
  2. The Spiderwick Chronicles: The fantasy-adventure film grossed $162 million worldwide.
  3. Fried Green Tomatoes: The drama-comedy grossed $119 million worldwide.

Her Broadway roles, while less documented, include:

    1. Proof: Parker won a Tony Award, earning $30,000 per week.
    2. The Sound Inside: Parker won her second Tony Award, earning $25,000 per week.
    3. How I Learned to Drive: Parker earned $20,000 weekly for off-Broadway and Broadway productions.

What is Mary-Louise Parker’s salary?

Mary’s salary is estimated to vary depending on the type and scale of the project she is working on.

However, we can assume that she earns at least $1 million per year from her acting career, which is a conservative estimate.

She may also earn more from other sources:

  1. Mary-Louise Parker’s salary fluctuates based on project type and scale. A conservative estimate suggests she earns at least $1 million annually from her acting roles.
  2. Beyond acting, Parker may generate additional income from various sources, including endorsements, royalties, and book sales.


Over a career spanning decades, Mary-Louise Parker has shown herself to be a gifted and versatile actress.

Her talent and dedication to the craft have led her to succeed across mediums on film, television, and the Broadway stage.

Along the way, Parker has delivered compelling performances, earning awards and critical praise.

Today, she stands as one of the industry’s most respected talents, able to inhabit dynamic roles across genres.

As she continues to take on ambitious projects, Parker serves as an inspiration for aspiring actors.

Her $16 million net worth reflects years of demanding yet rewarding dedication to acting at the highest level.s.