Meet Liver Queen, the wife of Liver King and a follower of ancestral living

Who is Liver Queen?

You may have heard of Liver King, the social media star, entrepreneur, and bodybuilder who lives an unconventional lifestyle based on the nine tenets of ancestral living.

He is known for eating raw liver and lifting huge weights.

But did you know that he has a wife who supports him and follows the same lifestyle?

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Here is everything you need to know about Liver Queen, also known as Barbara Johnson.

The background of Liver Queen

Barbara Johnson is the real name of Liver Queen.

She was born in Warsaw, Poland, and moved to the United States when she was young.

Liver queen  went to Stony Brook University in New York City, where she studied dentistry.

She worked as a dentist at the Dentiq Dentistry clinic in Texas for a while, before joining her husband in creating the Ancestral Supplements and The Fittest company.

The family of Liver Queen

Barbara Johnson met Liver King, whose real name is Brian Johnson, in 2004.

He had dropped out of medical school after making enough money while working for a pharmaceutical company.

He used to spend his money on expensive outdoor activities like snowboarding.

That is how he met Barbara.

They fell in love and started a family.

Both have two sons, Stryker and Rad, who also follow their parents’ ancestral lifestyle.

They live in a lakeside enclave north of Houston, Texas, where they raise and slaughter their own livestock, eat raw organs, do extreme workouts, and avoid modern technology.

The diet of Liver Queen

Barbara Johnson eats mostly meat, especially organ meats like liver, heart, testicles, and bone marrow.

She also eats raw eggs, cheese, yogurt, maple syrup, bone broth, and fermented vegetables.

Barbara Johnson sometimes eats some fruits, tubers, and rice.

She says that this diet helps her stay healthy, energetic, and fit.

Barbara Johnson also takes supplements from her own company, such as beef liver capsules, collagen peptides, and chocolate bars with liver.

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The controversy of Liver Queen

Queen became famous for being Liver King’s wife.

Therefore, most people think she is also an influencer.

However, she is not, although she supports her husband, who is a social media content creator and influencer.

However, she has also faced some criticism and controversy for her lifestyle choices.

Some people have doubted the safety and ethics of eating raw animal products, which can cause infection or disease.

Others have accused her of promoting a false and harmful diet that is not based on scientific evidence.

Moreover, Liver Queen was also part of the scandal that revealed her husband’s steroid use.

In late 2022, leaked emails showed that Liver King was taking $12,000 worth of human growth hormones (HGH) every month.

This went against his claims of achieving his physique naturally through his ancestral diet and workouts.

Liver King later confessed to using steroids and apologized to his followers.

He said he was sorry for lying and misleading people. He also said he quit taking steroids and hoped to regain his fans’ trust.


Barbara Johnson is the wife of Liver King, a social media star who advocates for an ancestral lifestyle.

She is a dentist, entrepreneur, and mother of two sons.

Queen  follows a meat-heavy diet that includes raw organs and supplements from her own company.

She has faced some controversy for Barbara Johnson diet and her husband’s steroid use.

However, she remains loyal and supportive of her family’s way of living.