Scot Sustad: A Journey through Talent and Charisma

Scot Sustad Sustad, the delightful Canadian actress was born in Ottawa but grew up with her sister in Winnipeg, Canada.

As an actress, Kimberly Sustad rose to stardom after appearing in the film Bride for Christmas.

Bio, Age

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Sustad rose to prominence with her role in the film “The Nine Lives of Christmas” and has since showcased her acting prowess in various television sitcoms, including “Continuum,” “Supernatural,” “Primeval,” and “New World. She is of Caucasian descent.

Attending Trinity Western University, Sustad obtained a BA in acting.

Eager to hone her craft, she immersed herself in numerous training programs, auditions, workshops, stage performances, and scene studies.

Although she lacks an official webpage, her burgeoning career suggests one may be in the works soon.

Family married, spouse

Kimberly is happily married to her longtime boyfriend, Scot Sustad.

The happy union is blessed with their twin daughters. His daughters are Vienna and Ari.

Even though Kimberly has a busy schedule, she makes time to nurture her family with love.

The couple can be said to have a happy home with their seraphic daughters.

There were divorce rumors between the two, but no official information has yet leaked out about the lovebirds who want to get divorced anytime soon as their love intensifies day by day.

Kimberly and her husband are committed to each other, and nothing like extramarital affairs has been affiliated with either of them.

They both love each other and have tried every possible way to avoid any form of controversy.

Height and measurements

An lmage of Scot Sustad

Kimberly exudes charm with her chic and youthful appearance.

Standing tall at an impressive 5 feet 10 inches, she maintains a slender physique, weighing 57 kilograms, with measurements of 25 inches at the waist, 32 inches for her bra size, and 35 inches at the hips.

social media

Kimberly actively engages with her audience across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

She regularly shares updates, photos, and sentiments, providing insights into her achievements and personal milestones.

Notably, she announced her pregnancy via Instagram, keeping her fans informed throughout that journey.

Following the joyous arrival of her twin girls, she delightedly shared their photos, spreading happiness among her dedicated followers.

Acting career

Kimberly continued her cinematic journey with roles in various films, including “A Piece of Bad Luck,” “Super Buddies,” “The Nine Lives of Christmas,” “All Things Valentine,” and “The Gourmet Detective,” among others. Notably, she made her television debut in the popular series “Baby Seller.”

“The Nine Lives of Christmas” stands out as one of Kimberly’s highest-rated films.

Released in 2014, it follows the story of a bachelor whose life takes a turn after encountering a stray cat.

Kimberly portrayed Marilee, a character who develops feelings for the bachelor while teaching him to care for his new feline friend.

Additionally, Kimberly has graced several TV shows such as “Witches of the East” and “Pattern,” earning praise and adoration from her fans for her exceptional performances on screen.

Kimberly Sustad wealth

Kimberly Sustad’s dedication and adaptability have propelled her forward in the acting industry.

Her earnings from each film reflect her talent and commitment.

Since embarking on her acting career in 2009, she has consistently received a substantial salary, reflecting her success and growing stature in the field.


From her early days as a tomboy engaged in various activities to her rise to prominence in films and television, Kimberly has captivated audiences with her charm and talent.
Through her active presence on social media, she shares not only her professional achievements but also her milestones, fostering a strong connection with her fans.
With her net worth reflecting her hard-earned success, Kimberly Sustad stands as a shining example of dedication and achievement in the acting industry, poised for even greater accomplishments in the years to come.