Sir Cruse Age: Unveiling the Journey of a YouTube Sensation

Sir Cruse Age has become a celebrated figure on YouTube, famed for his expertise in hair tutorials, particularly the 360-waves hairstyle. Since embarking on his journey, he has amassed a sizable following, showcasing the power of social media as both a source of entertainment and income in the 21st century. YouTube, in particular, has provided a fertile ground for content creators like Sir Cruse to thrive, as he skillfully demonstrates his prowess in mastering the waves hairstyle.

As of 2020, he was 29 years old.

He is the offspring of Valerie and William Senior, and he has a younger sibling named Terrance.

He pursued computer engineering at DeVry University. During his time there, he enjoyed creating videos on achieving 360 curls and endorsing various hair products.

Biography: Who is Sir Cruse?

He is a YouTuber from the United States, born on November 9, 1991, in Illinois.

Sir Cruse career

An lmage of Sir Cruse
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Sir Cruse initiated his YouTube journey in 2009 with videos showcasing his biceps and playful antics. However, three years later, he shifted his focus to his distinctive wavy hair, marking the inception of his career. His early uploads included tutorials such as “How to Brush 360 Waves Guide” and features on wave products and haircutting tools.

As his subscriber count steadily climbed, he ventured into promoting stylish hairstyles, igniting a trend in the ripple-like hairstyle among individuals of all genders.

Sir Cruse waves

Between the ages of seven and eight, William Jr. developed a keen interest in achieving wavy hair. He diligently combed and brushed his hair to cultivate 360 waves, eventually achieving deep curls on both the top and sides of his head by the time of his graduation.

His fascination with achieving a distinctively curly style blossomed between 2008 and 2009, with Facebook serving as his primary source of creative inspiration. He sourced most of his products from various stores that offered similar tutorials.

Driven by his ambition to become the premier 360-wave stylist, he began uploading tutorials on YouTube. Some of his most popular videos to date include:


The celebrity is romantically involved with Jazzy Glimmer, who happens to be a fellow YouTuber. Jazzy first encountered Sir Cruse on Instagram Live and YouTube before developing an interest in him. Eventually, he enlisted her as a moderator for one of his social media accounts.

Their relationship began in the early months of 2019. Jazzy describes the YouTuber as humorous, kind-hearted, sensitive, and affectionate, in contrast to the persona he presents in his videos.

Net worth

The celebrity has evolved into a renowned content creator, initially pursuing his career as a hobby. As of 2020, Sir Cruse’s net worth is estimated to be around $100,000.


Sir Cruse’s journey from hobbyist to celebrated content creator exemplifies the potential of dedication and passion in shaping one’s success. Despite humble beginnings, his commitment to his craft has propelled him to prominence in the digital realm. With a net worth reflecting his accomplishments, Sir Cruse continues to inspire others with his creativity and determination.