Taylin Gallacher: Model, Philanthropist, and Champion of Change

Taylin Gallacher is a versatile individual hailing from Canada, whose story transcends the glamour of the fashion world.

Who is Taylin Gallacher?

Taylin Gallacher, a renowned model, philanthropist, and staunch supporter of animal rights, originally hails from Canada.

He and Taylor exchanged vows, embarking on a shared journey as they nurture their two daughters in Nashville.

Taylin Gallacher Education

A woman of notable academic achievement, she embarked on her early education at a Canadian high school.

From there, she pursued her bachelor’s degree at US State University, underscoring her commitment to scholarly prowess and intellectual advancement.

Gallacher exhibited a deep dedication to learning and self-improvement throughout her educational path.

Taylin Gallacher Family

Taylin Gallacher is married.

She shares her life with the esteemed American football player Taylor Lewan.

Their journey to each other was distinct and marked by uncertainty, beginning when Gallacher was only 20 years old.

This time, love blossomed between them.

After this serendipitous reunion, Gallacher and Lewan navigated a long-distance relationship, with Gallacher living in Nashville and Lewan in Arizona.

 In a touching gesture, Lewan proposed to Gallacher through social media, pouring out his love and excitement for their shared future.

Surrounded by their loved ones, the couple exchanged vows in a picturesque ceremony held in California on July 7, 2018.

Their wedding day overflowed with joy, making even  Taylin and Taylor’s love story stand as a testament to destiny and resilience.

Taylin Gallacher, Husband/Boyfriend

an lmage of Taylin Gallacher, Husband/Boyfriend

Their journey together began without any lingering attachments or baggage from past affairs, highlighting the freshness and authenticity of their love story.

For Taylor, Taylin is not only his partner but also his first and only love, infusing their connection with depth and sincerity.

With no shadows of past relationships casting doubt on their partnership, Taylor and Taylin can wholeheartedly devote themselves to nurturing and strengthening their bond, creating a love story that is uniquely theirs.

Taylin Gallacher Children

An lmage of her two beautiful daughters

Taylin Gallacher exemplifies devoted motherhood, caring for her two beautiful daughters with an abundance of maternal love and nurturing attention.


While her husband’s prominence may have initially brought her into the public eye, Taylin’s endeavors and passions stand independently on their merit.

Starting her career as a model at the age of 18, she showcased her versatility by representing various brands, including “Olivia Clarke” and “Jessie Dee.

Despite finding success in the modeling industry, Taylin realized it wasn’t her true calling and openly shared her sentiments in interviews.

Taylin Gallacher’s Net Worth

Taylin Gallacher’s net worth is estimated to be between 1 and 5 million dollars.

Her steadfast dedication to fostering positive change, both in her professional pursuits and charitable endeavors, underscores her unwavering commitment to making a difference in the world


Taylin Gallacher exemplifies a multifaceted individual whose dedication to philanthropy, advocacy, and professional endeavors leaves a lasting impact on those around her.

From her roots as a model to her leadership in charitable organizations like Feeding Nashville, Taylin’s commitment to making a positive difference shines through.