Veronika Khomyn Bio:American Model, Fashion Designer

Veronika Khomyn bio, a Ukrainian model, fashion designer, and realtor, has garnered internet fame with thousands of Instagram followers.

Her journey to stardom began with her relationship with the renowned Los Angeles Rams coach, Sean McVay.

With her striking beauty, Veronika effortlessly launched and excelled in her modeling career in her native land.

Her passion for fashion led her to pursue design in the USA, where she has made her mark.

Additionally, she is dedicated to fitness, embodying a holistic approach to her lifestyle.

Veronika Khomyn’s biography

Born on March 1, 1990, the striking model is now 31 years old and holds dual Ukrainian American citizenship.

Upon relocating to the USA for her university education in Virginia, she obtained American citizenship.

Currently residing in Encino, California, with her fiancé, Veronika Khomyn is often mistakenly referred to as Sean McVay’s wife, despite their pending nuptials.

Social media presence and activities

With an active presence on Instagram, she boasts over 55,000 followers and regularly shares glimpses of her lifestyle and cherished moments with her fiancé, affectionately nicknamed “McBae.”

Using the platform to raise awareness about natural disasters and other pressing issues, Veronika Khomyn extends her influence beyond mere popularity.

While her connection with McVay propelled her into the limelight, Khomyn stands as an intriguing personality in her own regard, deserving of the public attention she garners.

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How did Sean McVay meet Veronika Khomyn?

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The couple first crossed paths in Washington DC in 2011, with Khomyn pursuing studies at George Mason University while Sean served as an assistant coach for the Washington Redskins.

After an eight-year courtship, Sean McVay popped the question to his Ukrainian model girlfriend during a trip to Cannes, France. As reported by Page Six, the engagement ring came with a hefty price tag of approximately $100,000. Veronika joyfully shared the news of the proposal on her Instagram page. Despite not yet being married, she’s often referred to as the Rams coach’s wife. Presently, the couple calls a spacious 4,600-square-foot residence in Encino, California, home.

Career highlights

Veronika embarked on her modeling journey with UFC Gym and DC Clubbing before transitioning into fashion design, culminating in the ownership of her own boutique. Alongside her thriving fashion career, she has become a notable presence on Instagram, leveraging her large following to raise awareness about various issues, including natural disasters. Additionally, she manages an Instagram account for their furry companion. Beyond the realms of fashion and social media, Veronika also runs a real estate business based in California.

Veronika Khomyn’s net worth

As per Idol Net Worth, Veronika Khomyn’s net worth stood at 1 million US dollars in 2021, primarily sourced from her endeavors in modeling and fashion design. Additionally, she earns a significant income by monetizing her Instagram account and through her real estate business, both of which contribute to enhancing her overall net worth.


Veronika Khomyn has carved out a multifaceted career path, excelling in modeling, fashion design, social media influence, and real estate entrepreneurship. Her diverse ventures not only showcase her versatility but also underscore her entrepreneurial acumen.