Who is Christina Khalil? Age, Nationality, Career, Personal Life, Height and Net worth

Image of Christina Khalil
Christina Khalil | photo courtesy | Instagram


Christina Khalil is a Lebanese-American content creator, recognized as a YouTuber, Instagram model, and influential figure on social media.

Renowned for her vlogs, fitness routines, and content featuring motorcycles and cars, she commands a substantial following, particularly on YouTube and TikTok, with millions of followers.

Additionally, she is a notable presence on OnlyFans, sharing exclusive and uncensored photos and videos with her paid subscribers.

This article will delve into various aspects of Christina Khalil, including details about her age, height, nationality, net worth, personal life, and career.

How old is Christina Khalil?

Khalil was born on November 19, 1993, in Beirut, Lebanon.

Christina Khalil Nationality

Khalil holds Lebanese-American nationality.

How did Christina Khalil start her career?

Christina Khalil initiated her career as a track and field athlete, engaging in hurdles and jumps during her high school and college years.

Concurrently, she ventured into participating in bikini contests and modeling for various brands.

Although she established her YouTube channel in October 2011, her inaugural video did not make its debut until 2016.

Christina gained recognition for her lifestyle and fitness tutorials, as well as her vlogging entries.

Collaborating with her boyfriend, Jaret Campisi, a fellow YouTuber and motorcycle enthusiast, she extended her online presence to platforms like:

  1. Instagram
  2. TikTok
  3. Patreon
  4. OnlyFans.

Christina Khalil’s Personal Life

Christina Khalil is in an enduring relationship with Jaret Campisi, whom she encountered online back in 2014.

Their shared interests include motorcycles, cars, and fitness.

Residing together in Santa Barbara, California, they also share their home with two pet dogs.

Christina has a close bond with her aunt, who played a significant role in raising her in the United States.

After 18 years of separation, Christina had a reunion with her mother and brother in Ukraine in 2019.

Christina Khalil Height

Khalil is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall and weighs around 55 kg (121 lbs).

Christina Khalil’s Net Worth

Khalil’s estimated net worth in 2022 is around $2 million. Her income streams include:

  1. YouTube Channel:
    • Subscribers: Over 736 thousand
    • Total Views: Over 78 million
    • Revenue source: Earnings from YouTube content
  2. Instagram Account:
    • Followers: 324 thousand
    • Revenue source: Promotion of various clothing brands
  3. TikTok Account:
    • Followers: Over 736 thousand
    • Likes: 6.8 million
    • Revenue source: TikTok content creation
  4. Patreon Account:
    • Offering exclusive content for fans
    • Revenue source: Monthly subscription fees
  5. OnlyFans Account:
    • Subscription cost: $25 per month
    • Content: Uncensored and explicit
    • Revenue source: OnlyFans subscription fees

What is Christina Khalil doing now?

Christina Khalil remains actively engaged on her social media platforms, particularly YouTube and TikTok.

She consistently shares videos detailing her daily life, fitness routines, and adventures involving motorcycles and cars.

Additionally, Christina regularly updates her Instagram and OnlyFans accounts with photos and videos.

Together with her boyfriend, Jaret, and their dogs, she relishes life and often shares their experiences and travels with her fans.


Christina Khalil is a highly accomplished and influential figure in the realm of social media, captivating a vast audience with her diverse content.

Formerly an athlete, she now excels as a model, YouTuber, Instagram sensation, TikToker, and OnlyFans personality.

Beyond her online presence, Christina plays the roles of a devoted girlfriend, daughter, sister, and dog mom.

Her versatility and talent shine through, as she has triumphed over challenges to realize her dreams.

Serving as an inspiration, Christina motivates many aspiring individuals to pursue their passions and strive for their best lives.