Who is the wife of Chris Motionless? The Real Story Behind the Romantic Life of the Heavy Metal Singer

Who is the wife of Chris' wife
Who is the wife of Chris’ wife


Chris Motionless is the lead singer and co-founder of Motionless in White, a well-known heavy metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Beyond his musical persona, curiosity arises about his personal life, specifically: who is Chris Motionless’ wife, and does he have a family?

This article aims to uncover the details of the singer’s romantic life, drawing from the latest available information on the internet.

Chris Motionless’s personal life

Firstly, it’s important to note that Chris Motionless is currently not married.

Despite having past relationships, none of them culminated in marriage.

His romantic history includes a 2013 relationship with Sabrina Malfoy, which ended shortly afterward.

Additionally, he briefly dated someone named Callie, but their romance also had a short-lived tenure.

Chris Motionless’s significant relationship with Gaiapatra

The most substantial romantic involvement in Chris Motionless‘s life was with Gaiapatra, a model and photographer.

Their relationship, which commenced in 2013, lasted for five years until 2018.

During this period, they mutually supported each other’s creative endeavors, collaborating on various projects.

Notably, they welcomed a daughter named Riley Cerulli into the world in 2015.

How did Chris Motionless and Gaiapatra meet?

Chris Motionless and Gaiapatra crossed paths in 2013, bonding over their shared interests in art and music.

Their connection swiftly evolved into a romantic one, marked by collaborations on diverse projects, including photoshoots, music videos, and fashion lines.

Although their romantic journey concluded in 2018, they continue to maintain a friendship and co-parent their daughter Riley.


What was the cause of Chris Motionless and Gaiapatra’s separation?

Regrettably, Chris Motionless and Gaiapatra chose to part ways in 2018.

While they did not disclose the specific reasons for their separation, they reassured their fans that they remained amicable friends and co-parents to their daughter.

Expressing gratitude for the support received during this challenging period, they shared this message with their fanbase

Chris Motionless’s current status and focus

Post his separation from Gaiapatra, Chris Motionless has not been romantically linked to anyone else.

His current status suggests he is single, and concentrating on advancing his music career.

In 2022, he and his band released their sixth studio album, “Scoring The End Of The World,” reflecting the tumult and anger of contemporary times.

Outside of music, he enjoys spending quality time with his daughter and family in Scranton, his current place of residence.


Chris Motionless stands out as a gifted and accomplished heavy metal singer, yet he remains unmarried. While he has had past relationships, none have led to marriage.

His most significant romantic involvement was with Gaiapatra, resulting in the birth of their daughter Riley.

Although they separated in 2018, they maintain a friendly co-parenting relationship. Chris  is presently single and dedicated to his musical pursuits.

A private individual regarding his personal life, he appears content with his career and family life.