Brett Eldredge Wife: Preference Regarding His Romantic

Brett Eldredge wife, the renowned American country singer, songwriter, and record producer under Warner Music Group Nashville, boasts a discography of seven albums, featuring hits like “Wanna Be That Song,” “The Long Way,” and “Beat of the Music.” Amidst his thriving career, the question arises: is there a special someone in Brett Eldredge’s life? Delve into the realm of his romantic pursuits for a closer glimpse into the singer’s personal journey.

Is Brett Eldredge in a relationship?

Brett Eldredge openly acknowledged his single status and shared his eagerness to find “The One.” Expressing optimism about his romantic future, he eagerly awaits the day he can embark on life’s journey with his soulmate. So, is Brett Eldredge single? Yes, he is, affirming his openness to love and his hopeful pursuit of a meaningful connection.

Does Brett Eldredge have a wife?

Despite his past associations with various women, Brett Eldredge has never tied the knot. Speculation about his marital status persists, but there remains no concrete evidence or public confirmation regarding who his wife might be.

Rachel Hilbert

Eldredge, known for his discretion regarding his personal life, once dated Victoria’s Secret model Rachel Hilbert, who notably starred in the music video for his song “Lose My Mind.”

While their connection initially began on a professional note, it gradually evolved into a romantic relationship. Eldredge and Hilbert’s romance became public knowledge, and they were spotted together on several occasions.

Sadie Robertson

An lmage of Sadie Robertson

One of the most buzzed-about relationships linked to Brett Eldredge was his rumored romance with Sadie Robertson. Robertson, known for her roles as an American Christian speaker, actress, businesswoman, podcaster, and author, rose to fame through the reality TV show Duck Dynasty.

Eldredge and Sadie Robertson were often seen together and shared affectionate moments on social media. Despite their public appearances, neither party confirmed the nature of their relationship, leaving fans to ponder the true extent of their connection.

Kelly Clarkson

An lmage o Kelly Clarkson

Another notable woman linked to Brett Eldredge is the talented singer and TV personality Kelly Clarkson. Dating rumors ignited when Eldredge and Clarkson collaborated on the duet “Under the Mistletoe” for Clarkson’s Christmas album.

Their undeniable chemistry during live performances fueled speculation about a potential romantic connection beyond their professional collaboration.

In an exclusive interview, Eldredge disclosed his longtime admiration for Clarkson, dating back to her breakthrough on American Idol, and expressed his deep respect for her as an artist.

He shared that Clarkson reached out to him for the collaboration, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Addressing the swirling dating rumors, he stated,

Is Brett Eldredge in a relationship?

Eldredge openly admitted to being unmarried and in search of “The One.” With optimism, he expressed his anticipation of finding his significant other soon and eagerly looked forward to sharing his life with her.

Is Brett Eldredge single? Yes, he is single. He admitted to being open to love and expressed hope that he was coming closer to finding his soulmate.

Does Brett Eldredge have a wife?

The singer has never walked down the aisle. Although he has been linked with various women in the past, there’s no concrete evidence or public confirmation regarding who Brett Eldredge’s potential wife might be.


Brett Eldredge, the renowned American country singer and songwriter, remains unmarried despite his past associations with several high-profile women. While there have been rumors and speculation about his romantic life, there is no substantial evidence or public confirmation of any ongoing or past marriage. Eldredge continues to keep his personal life private, focusing on his career and expressing hope for finding “The One” in the future.