Legacy and Controversy: The Family of Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory

Demetrius Flenory, known as Big Meech, has a significant share of negative publicity.

His vast illegal empire, dismantled in the early 2000s, took center stage.

Years later, his children, still bearing his name, serve as reminders of his past.

We will discuss Big Meech’s relationship with his kids and the number of children Demetrius Flenory has in this article.

Imagae of Demetrius Flenory
Demetrius Flenory: Big Meech | Photo courtesy Instagram 


How many children does Demetrius Flenory have?

Demetrius Flenory has one known child, Demetrius Flenory Jr., also known as Lil Meech.

Born on April 22, 2000, Lil Meech is 23 years old as of 2023.

He is both an actor and a rapper. Lil Meech was born in Miami, Florida, years after his father’s illegal operations were established in Southwest Detroit.

With Big Meech incarcerated in 2005, Lil Meech had limited time with his father during his childhood and was raised by his mother.

Demetrius Flenory Jr. has carved out a career in music, debuting with his song “Bad Habits” in 2019, which included a recording of his father speaking from prison.

Lil Meech has also established himself as an actor, demonstrating his abilities in 50 Cent’s BMF series adaptation as well as in HBO’s “Euphoria” and Syl in “Taurus” (2022).

Is there a daughter of Big Meech in BMF?

Many were unaware that Big Meech had a daughter until 2019, when his mother posted an image on Instagram for Manessa’s birthday.

The exact birth year of Manessa is not confirmed, and it is still uncertain if Big Meech indeed has a daughter.

Are there other children of Demetrius Flenory Sr.?

Given the secretive nature of those involved in illegal activities, it is challenging to determine if Demetrius had more children.

Speculations about other potential children arose after the mention of Manessa.

One claimant, Demetria Edwadior Jackson Flenory, asserts she is Big Meech’s daughter, though this has not been verified.

Other individuals claiming to be his children include Queen Turdy and Neeka.

How is the relationship between Big Meech and his children?

The relationship between Big Meech and his children has been limited due to his incarceration.

He remains imprisoned, with his release set for 2028, and thus has not had regular interactions with his children.

However, during the production stages of the BMF TV series, Lil Meech maintained contact with his father, which highlights a continued connection despite the circumstances.


In conclusion, despite his notoriety, Big Meech’s legacy, particularly through his son Demetrius Flenory Jr., continues to influence the present, albeit in a controversial light.

The question of how many children Big Meech truly has remains a topic of intrigue, with ongoing claims from various individuals asserting their familial ties.