Steve Harvey: A Comprehensive Biography of the Multitalented Star

Steve Harvey stands as a prominent figure in the entertainment realm, boasting a diverse career as a comedian, actor, author, producer, and host.

Over three decades, he’s spread laughter, wisdom, and philanthropy, rising from modest beginnings to become a household name.

Steve Harvey
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Delve into Steve Harvey’s captivating journey, encompassing his early life, comedic endeavors, TV ventures, literary contributions, controversies, and more.

Steve Harvey’s Early Life and Education

Born Broderick Stephen Harvey on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia, he was the youngest of Jesse Harvey and Eloise Vera’s five children.

Their move to Cleveland, Ohio, led him to graduate from Glenville High School in 1974.

While attending Kent State University and West Virginia University, he explored various jobs including boxing, auto work, insurance sales, carpet cleaning, and mail delivery before embarking on his comedy dream.

Steve Harvey Comedy Career

Steve Harvey ignited his comedic journey in 1985, triumphing at an amateur night contest in Cleveland.

With years of honing his craft at small venues nationwide, his observational humor rooted in personal experiences solidified.

National recognition followed in 1990, as a finalist in the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search.

His stint on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam (1993) and hosting Showtime at the Apollo (1993-2000) further propelled his trajectory.

Joining forces with Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, and Bernie Mac in the Kings of Comedy tour (1997) magnified his acclaim, the tour’s documentary cementing its legacy.

Amidst this, Harvey’s four comedy albums (1997-2008) solidified his comedic prowess.

Steve Harvey TV Shows

Television embraced Harvey in 1994 with ABC’s Me and the Boys, a sitcom where he portrayed a widowed father.

His creation and lead role in The Steve Harvey Show (1996-2002) brought success, the six-season sitcom resonating with audiences.

Diversifying, Harvey excelled in game shows, talk shows, and reality TV.

Hosting Family Feud (2010-present) revived the show’s allure.

His talk show Steve Harvey (2012-2019), Little Big Shots (2016-2019), and Miss Universe hosting (2015-2019) made indelible marks.

Steve Harvey Books

Beyond screens, Harvey’s penmanship shines. His best-selling books, including:

  1. Act Like a Lady.
  2. Think Like a Man (2009).
  3. Straight Talk.
  4. No Chaser (2010).
  5. Act Like a Success.
  6. Think Like a Success (2014).
  7. Jump (2016)

Adaptations of his works, like Think Like a Man (2012) and Think Like a Man Too (2014), further amplified his reach.

Steve Harvey Controversies

Harvey’s journey hasn’t been devoid of controversies:

Steve Harvey Philanthropy

Harvey’s charitable endeavors, epitomized by The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation (established 2008), foster leaders via mentoring, education, and service projects.

Programs for youth, single mothers, and global initiatives underline his commitment to holistic well-being.

Steve Harvey Personal Life

Steve Harvey’s personal life reflects his depth.

Marriages, three in total, led to seven children.

His Christian faith, dedication to golf, and charity events enrich his identity.

He resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


Steve Harvey’s multilayered journey embodies entertainment’s multifaceted nature.

His commitment to philanthropy and growth propels his influence far beyond his talents.

A true inspiration, Harvey exemplifies triumph over adversity, a testament to dreams realized.


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Facts about Steve Harvey

Fact Detail
Full Name Broderick Stephen Harvey
Date of Birth January 17, 1957
Place of Birth Welch, West Virginia, USA
Occupation Comedian, actor, author, producer, host
Early Career Worked as a boxer, autoworker, insurance salesman, carpet cleaner, and mailman
Comedy Debut Won an amateur night contest in 1985
Career Milestone Part of the “Kings of Comedy” tour, a successful comedy tour with other comedians
Notable TV Shows “The Steve Harvey Show,” “Family Feud,” “Little Big Shots,” various talk shows
Books Authored “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” “Straight Talk, No Chaser,” and more
Awards and Honors Emmy Awards, NAACP Image Awards, BET Humanitarian Award
Personal Life Married three times, has seven children and five grandchildren
Philanthropy Founded the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation for youth outreach and community support
Notable Moment Hosted the Miss Universe pageant and mistakenly announced the wrong winner in 2015
Inspiration Cites faith as a major influence on his success
Residence Lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Multifaceted Career Comedian, actor, author, producer, TV host, and philanthropist